Below you will find useful background notes and links (left) and documents, questions and homework activities (right).  If you would like a paper copy of these documents, please ask your teacher.  
More worksheets and PowerPoints can be downloaded here.

 Unit F322 - Chains, Energy and Resources

Topic 10:  Basic concepts in organic chemistry

Topic 15:  Modern analytical techniques

notes.pdf notes.pdf
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Type : pdf
ir.pdf ir.pdf
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Type : pdf
Mass Spectrometry.doc Mass Spectrometry.doc
Size : 52.5 Kb
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Infrared Spectroscopy.doc Infrared Spectroscopy.doc
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Fill In Blanks Mass Spec.xls Fill In Blanks Mass Spec.xls
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Type : xls

You can also find the Ether Pad for this topic here and the Cork Board here.

Topic 17:  Rates and equilibrium

Topic 18:  Chemistry of the air and 'Green Chemistry' 

Green Chemistry Questions.doc Green Chemistry Questions.doc
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Type : doc
green chemistry spec.doc green chemistry spec.doc
Size : 28.5 Kb
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Crude Oil questions.doc Crude Oil questions.doc
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Exam Papers
ocr_61488_pp_11_jan_gce_f322.pdf ocr_61488_pp_11_jan_gce_f322.pdf
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Type : pdf
ocr_57549_pp_10_jun_gce_f322.pdf ocr_57549_pp_10_jun_gce_f322.pdf
Size : 219.532 Kb
Type : pdf
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