How to create a free website with Yola

Follow these instructions carefully to create your revision website.  Updating your website after every new topic will help your revision, as will accessing others’ websites.

Basic set up

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Get started now
  3. Type in your full name, email address (school one preferably or at least one you can access at school) and an easy to remember password.
  4. From My Yola, click on Create new site.  You will be able to create 5 free sites with one email address.
  5. Choose Blank site from the list.  This will allow you to create your own pages as you want them.
  6. Give your website a name.  I suggest you call it Name’s OCR GCE Chemistry Revision.  Don’t use your full name, just your first name or a clean nickname will do, as long as I can identify you but you are still anonymous to other internet users.
  7. Pick one of the free styles by clicking on Select a style.

Creating content

  1. Now, you can start creating the content.  You will automatically be given a Home page.  Drag the text widget from the right pane onto your site and type a short introduction in the box.
  2. If you want to split your site into panes or columns, use the column divider widget.  Drag it from the right pane onto your site.  You can delete it if you don’t want columns.  You can also make columns within columns and change the size of them by hovering over the divider, clicking and dragging it.
  3. If you wish to add a picture to your site, drag the picture widget onto your site.  Be aware that you must either have your own picture saved, ready to select before continuing.  The picture needs to be free from copyright (i.e. you took it or drew it) or from a free picture site with appropriate sourcing underneath.  Do not just STEAL others’ pictures from the internet!  This is not permitted!
  4. You can upload files in the same way by dragging the file widget onto your site and browsing for your file.  This may be useful if you wish to create handouts or printable quizzes for your site.
  5. If you wish to embed a video or poll or something similar using source code, use the html widget.  Copy the source code from what you wish to embed into the editor and click Save.   This is a useful widget for inserting polls and surveys.  You might like to register for a free account at so you can do this.
  6. If you wish to have a new page, just click Add Page at the top and call your new page something appropriate e.g. Links.
  7. There are many more widgets you can explore on the right pane including Google Gadgets, YouTube videos and Google maps.  You must develop your site to make it useful for yourself and other students but you might want to add a gadget to make your site fun and encourage others to revisit.  Don’t go mad with the gadgets – remember the original purpose of the site and remember everybody will soon be able to view it!
  8. You can change the style, layout, background and navigation at any time by clicking on the links at the top.
  9. Save your changes regularly by clicking on Save.

Publishing your site

  1. You may want to publish this site before it is finished so you can see what it will look like to others.  Click on Publish to the web.  You are going to choose the free domain name option.  Call your site (the is already there) if that is available, or something similar if not.  Again, don’t use your full name. 
  2. When you have published your site, go to its web address and check the layout and aesthetics.  Make any changes you want, save and re-publish.  You must save and publish every time you make a change to your site. 
  3. Now you have the basics, start to write the text for your website.  Remember this must be all in your own words and not plagiarised in any way!  Happy site building!


Make a Free Website with Yola.