Projects:  Bridging the gap between Year 11 and Year 12 Sciences 

 Biology Bridging Project


 Chemistry Bridging Project

1.  Read through this website and this website.

2.  Complete the worksheets:

3.  Watch the Green Chemistry animation.  This is an extended project.  Make a PowerPoint, Prezi, Xtranormal animation, Movie or similar interesting presentation. Ensure you cover all the requirements the people in the animation tell you to include!

4.  Have a look at this website.The websites linked here have all been made by students.  You could make a chemistry revision website using Yola.  There is a good set of instructions about how to make it here. There will be a prize for the best revision website!

All this is due in on your first day of sixth form.

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Physics Bridging Project

Make a Free Website with Yola.